This article will show you the details you need to create a Burrwalk hosted email account on your devices.

As there are a number of different devices and software packages you might want to set up your email account on, this article is just intended to give you the settings you might need across all devices – it is not intended as a ‘how to’ to give you screen by screen instructions.


You will have been supplied with your email address and password by Burrwalk when your email account was setup. The email address in all cases can be used as the username when prompted by any system. You will need to keep these details safe as you may need them again to setup new devices. Burrwalk also keep a copy of all usernames and passwords for all email addresses.

You will likely need to setup both incoming and outgoing servers on all systems.

Incoming Servers 

Incoming servers handle the email coming into the device. There are 2 types of email account:

POP – this downloads all email to the device and deletes from the email servers. Each POP device is treated seperately (ie if you delete an email from your PC it will not be deleted from your phone).

IMAP – all emails are kept on the email server and anything you do to an email on one device is done on another device (ie if you delete an email from your PC it is also deleted from your phone).

The type of email account you have will be decided when you setup your account with Burrwalk. As IMAP accounts need more server storage space, these are more expensive to have than POP accounts.

The below details will show where you may need different values depending on whether you have a POP or IMAP account. Note that you may not need all of the settings below depending on which device you are setting up.

Username : your email address
Password : as supplied by Burrwalk

Incoming Server :

POP Incoming Port No. : 995
IMAP Incoming Port No. : 993

Encryption method : “SSL/TLS” or “Auto”

Require SPA Authentication.: Yes

Leave emails on server (POP Only) : 14 days

Outgoing Servers 

The outgoing server handles how mail is sent out from your device. This always uses a system called SMTP so you might see these settings called SMTP setup.

In most cases, there will be an option to specify ‘Use same settings as Incoming Server’ when setting up the Outgoing server. You may still need to make some changes though so the full details are below.

Username : your email address
Password : as supplied by Burrwalk

Outgoing server :

Port No. : 465

Encryption method : “SSL/TLS” or “Auto”

Require SPA Authentication.: Yes


Once all these details are setup, your system will normally go away and verify that the settings are correct. You may also get a test email sent to the account. Assuming all is ok, then the account is setup and you can start using it.

If for any reason the account creation fails, it suggests there is an issue with the settings above. Check the username and password first, then make sure all of the settings are correct. It’s usually an issue with the encryption method on incoming or outgoing.


Once the account is created successfully, you can start to add Signatures and other options that may be available to you.

For iOS and Mac devices, it is often the case that the email account is automatically created for you on other devices using the same iCloud account.


If you have any issues setting up your account, then please don’t hesitate to contact us using any of the details below.