This article will show you how to add a News post/blog item to your site.

The site is developed in WordPress using the Divi content management system. As part of the design of your site, Burrwalk have developed a standard news page template, so that every post you add will appear in the same format when it is viewed by your clients.

Each news item is fundamentally made up of 3 items:

  • Post Title
  • Featured Image
  • Post Content

You will be responsible for adding all of these pieces of data as part of adding your own news items, so it’s a good idea to have this content ready before you start to add your news post.

Follow the steps below to create your news posts. If you have any issues, please contact us using any of the methods in the site footer below.

Login to your site using the login details Burrwalk have provided you.

The URL you will need will be yoursitename/wp-admin – enter the username and password provided into the login screen, and click the Login button.

Once you have logged into the system, you will see the standard WordPress front end menu with all the options available to you. The section you will be using is the Posts section towards the top of the menu. If you highlight the Posts option, you will see a pop out menu with the available options.

You can click ‘All Posts’ to see all posts currently on your site.

To add a new post, click ‘Add New’. You will see the screen opposite.

Even though your site has been developed using Divi, it is simpler to use the standard WordPress editor (called Gutenberg) to add your posts. The post will be formatted to the design previously setup by Burrwalk, so we just need to use the simplest method to add the details we require (title, image, content), and that is easier using the standard WordPress editor.

Click the ‘x’ in the top right of the Welcome dialog box and you are taken to the Post.

Enter the title of your post by overtyping ‘Add title’ – this will be the title of the Post as it appears in the News list, and also on the individual News item so make sure it’s something that relates to the post.


You will see a dialog box asking if you want to use the Divi editor. It is important here to ALWAYS select ‘Use Default Editor’ the second option.

This will open up the WordPress editor, and you’ll see your post title and a ‘Start writing…’ section. You can overtype your text post content into this area. 

Once you have entered the text you want on the post, you need to set the Featured image for the post. Every post should have one image to make the look and feel of the News grid consistent. The featured image should ideally be in landscape mode, and also a high resolution if possible.

To add the Featured image, click the Document menu on the right hand side of the screen, and expand the ‘Featured Image’ option. Then click ‘Set Featured Image’. 

This will open up the WordPress Media library. From here you can select an image already in the library, or if you want to use a new image you need to add the image to the library. You can drag and drop an image directly onto this screen (the screen will go dark to indicate you can drop the image on) or click ‘Upload Files’ and drag directly onto here, or select files which will open up Explorer/Finder and enable you to select an image. Once you have the image you want in the library, select the image which will tick it, and then click Upload Image from the bottom left of the page.

This will pull the selected image into the post and show it in the Featured image section.

If you are happy with the content of your post, then the final step is to Publish the post. You can preview the post initially if required. This will show you how the post will look using the pre-formatted layout of news items. If you are not ready to publish the post yet, you can also ‘Save Draft’ which will save it for later amendment.

Note that you can also change the Publish date by clicking ‘Immediately’ next to the Publish option. This will bring up a calendar where you can change the publish date. This enables you to change the order of news items in the news grid if you wanted to retro-post an item fro a while ago and have it appear in a relevant place in the grid.

If you are ready to Publish, then click the Publish button. You may see a pre-publish section which asks you to confirm you are definitely ready to publish (there is a tick box at the bottom of this section if you don’t want to see this again). If you’re definitely ok to go ahead, click Publish again.


You will see confirmation that the post has been published, along with details of the post URL.

You can then click the WordPress logo in the top left of the screen to get back to the WordPress dashboard. 

Check the post in the live site to make sure it all appears ok. If you want to go back to the post to change it, select All Posts from the Post menu and hover over the post title. You will see a submenu appear below it – select Edit from this menu and it will take you back into the post editor.


And thats it! Your new post will be shown in all relevant parts of your site.

If you want to get more creative with the post content, then you can use the standard Gutenberg post editor to add images, quotes etc.. into the body of the post. There are lot of tutorials on the web to show you how to do this (try “Gutenberg text editor tutorial” in Google). The majority of the time your post will be made up of those 3 core components (title, text, main image) and remember that the default News layout we have designed for you is built around these 3 pieces of information.

If you have any questions on the above, or need any more help, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch using any of the methods below.